Suggestions to power Paradigm Monitor 9

I made a mistake by buying a receiver before the speakers and the speakers after. The Pioneer vsx-21 was only supposed to power cheap Bose speakers before I got an itch to buy some Paradigm Monitor 9's v5. It sounds good however can someone direct me as to if I should bi-amp them if it will make any REAL difference. Or could I buy a nicer 2 or 3 channel amp to power the fronts and use the Pioneer for rears? My "LISTENING" room is about 19' wide by 15 deep with the option of putting rear surrounds up to 7' behind my head. Looking for advice on dipoles or direct firing and either a cc-290 or cc-390 for center. Help would be greatly appreciated as I'm new tottththis.
My friend has the same speakers in a 2 channel set up. He uses a B&K 22?? (I think) amp and B&K CS-117 preamp.
Also has a Project Debut turn table, NAD cd player, and Sansui tuner. For money spent his system sounds balanced and very musical. I generally prefer tube sound over SS but admit that when we hang out at his place I certainly enjoy listening to his system.
Thanx for your input I think I might start looking to auditon some of those pieces and see what it sounds like. Problem I think is that with receivers is there is only one amp to power all those channels I'm sure at louder levels the amp will become strained if using more than 2 channel.
Actually, the receiver you have (VSX-21) uses a discrete amp for each channel. The lower-end Pioneer units have a single amp for all channels, but the ELITE series do not.