Suggestions: Sonus Faber, Monitor Audio, Elac etc?

Hi All,

I am currently in the market for a midsize floorstander. I am not a bass junkie, but I like tight, accurate bass which I can feel when required. I can get the following speakers (very limited range here in South Africa) within my budget:

1. Monitor Audio GR-20 and GR-60
2. Sonus Faber Grand Piano
3. Elac 207.2 or 208.2

The GR-60 appeals to me as I expect better bass response with them with the extra driver, but I would like some opinions as to wether the others (which have only single bass drivers, a mid and a tweeter) may perhaps be a bit bass light? I have a mid to large room, but in a long wall setup. Speakers are about 2m apart and I sit around 1.8-2m from the speakers.

I am downscaling from B&W Matrix 801's which were way too big and difficult to driver, but of reference quality. I thus want to DOWNSCALE, but NOT downgrade quality-wise. Any advice is welcome, but please try not suggest other speakers as there is very limited availability here. I am trying to gauge their overall bass response, and the mid and high range quality levels.

I was recently shopping with my co-worker for speakers adn heard both ind direct A/B Grand Piano and BW 801 flagship.
Both were powered with powerfull Mac(400Wpc), but don't remember what particular model.
While on 801 the bass was just a thump, on Grand Piano it's nothing but music. Mids and Highs in 801 are much more involving, but having changed the amp for more powerfull Sunfire 600-2 the downsides to 801 almost dissapeared making them sounding like a realy large speakers or maybe even better. Or maybe it was just an output transformer of Mac that couldn't handle some impedance dips of SF? That I can only assume, but the fact exists to a possibility of keeping the same quality for less!
Another option may stay next to JM-Lab Electra 926 but SF still seems to throw much more music, although never heard them both side to side...
And finally the figure that truely amazed me is AvantGard Solo - the active system that gave me a lot to remember listening and enjoying 1.5 hours of non-fatige pure music and sneaking at my SPL meeter @ 25Hz... After jingling Duos and Unos, I guess, it's their best achievement!
Hi There,

Like I said the other are NOT available here due to limited range. Have you hear those 3 speakers I mentioned (SF Grand Piano, Monitor Audio, Elac)? Anything you picked up which may play a decisive role?

But I've heard 801 and SF side by side.
I havn't heard neither Monitor Audio or Elac you've mentioned
and gave you an opinion compared to experiences I've had compared to 801...
And so with JM Lab 926 and AvantGard Solo's....
I have owned 801 F series speakers and always enjoyed the sound. Also I recently purchased the Nat series 802's as the 801's are quite frankly to large. The 802's are better sounding than the old 801's. however while shopping for the speakers, I listened to the Sonus Faber speakers and really liked the sound. They are fast and extremely musical. I was very impressed and I'm sure if the local shop had the newer sonus speaker I would be enjoying them in my home right now rather than keeping with the familiar B&W sound. Go back to the store with a copy of Paul Simon "Graceland" CD and listen to the song " Diamonds on the soul of her shoes". Make sure the volume is up, sit back and you will judge just how quick and responsive that speaker is and probably take them home. For my call you won't go wrong with the Sonus Faber.
I have the GR20's and find them incredible with both music and HT. Associtated equipment include Plinius 8200 MkII Integrated, Jolida JD100 CDP,, Toshiba SD 6200DVD, Zu Cable Wax biwire and Zu Cable Gede interconnect. Have not heard the others but for the price I do not think you can beat Monitor Audio. I also have a pair of Silver S8 which are also very nice and depending on the music I sometimes can not hear much of a sonic difference between the GR20 and the S8. Good luck
I have auditioned monitor audio GR20 and the grand piano. Both are impressive. Very close the GR20 have better base response. The grand piano are a little more detailed, more open. More musical. If it were me I would go the grand piano.
I would caution that you ensure that your seated listening height is appropriate for short floorstanders, as those deep crossover nulls appear just above axis. So if you're on the tall side plan to sit on a British style low sofa!
Many small floorstanders are simply filling market niches in between their better-sounding monitors and full-sized 3 ways, although I can't say if this is the case with the models you present. I personally found the Grand Piano of too small a scale for orchestral works...and I had to sit LOW!