Suggestions on Integrated to drive Tyler Ref. Mon

Need all suggestions for integrated to drive Tyler Ref. Mon and sub. Any one currently using a integrated on these speakers? Looking for something detailed but not harsh. a little warm in the mids and desent slam. Price range is 2000.00 new or used.

Thanks everyone.
The Tyler is a very good speaker. I have a nice pair in the natural cherry finish. It is a great all-around speaker, giving up little to the competition in any given catagory and not having any significant issues in my experience.

I have driven the Tylers with a Plinius 8200 integrated and it worked well. My friend has the less expensive 8100 and it sounds very similar, if not exactly the same. The 8100 gives up the processor loop, phono stage and is 100watts/ch. vs. 175 for the 8200. If you have a small/med. room, save the money if you don't need the extra features.

Another option I have owned is a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70s. I used the SM-70's with the Monarchy Model 33 DAC/Pre-amp. Well, it's not an integrated, but you get a great combination of DAC, preamp and mono-block amps for about $1200 used. In this setup, you can run the pre-amp to amp via balanced connection and use the RCA output of the Model 33 to go to your sub. VERY NICE!!


Waiting for my Taylo 7Us to arrive, so no first hand experience, but I do hear so many good things about Rouge Audio. I will be using an Anthem Amp 2, and hope they mate well.
The Rega Mira is a nice warm solid state amp. It sounds great on just about any small speakers. The best part is the price: $950. You could take the extra $1000 and get a pile of new CDs. :)

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I too am driving a pair in my office system with a Plinius 8200. Real nice monitors, real nice integrated.