Suggestions for New CD Player

I'm looking for a new CD player, modestly priced under $1,500, that will  work well with a 2-channel system featuring B&W 804S floorstanders, a McIntosh MC402 power amp, and a Magnum Dynalab MD208 receiver used as a preamp.

My wife and I mostly listen to classical music, and have an extensive CD collection, particularly heavy in orchestral (e.g., Mahler, Beethoven) and opera (Wagner, Verdi) and piano/violin.  (My wife is a Julliard-trained musician.)   Pre-pandemic, we were frequent concert-goers, preferring about rows 8-15.  We also rock out on occasion. We appreciate fine equipment, but we're music-lovers rather than true audiophiles.

We previously had a Consonance Droplet CD player (tubed, nice sound quality, when it worked, which wasn't often enough) and a Lexicon RT-20 (a little harsh, and wouldn't play many discs).  I won't buy a used player.  In my experience, CD mechanisms are the most fragile of all components.

I realize I'm asking a lot at this price point, but life itself is compromise.  Don't really care about wireless capability or digital files.  SACD is nice, but redbook capability is what really matters to us.  Considering Cambridge Audio 851, Rega Apollo, but open to suggestions.

Your thoughts?

I ordered the Denon DCD-1600NE, as recommended by three members above.  Thanks to all who offered their suggestions.  This is a valuable forum.
Love to hear what you think of it...
tonykay It seems that the Blue Ray Panasonic DP UB 9000 resemble to the Oppo ?  It has also XLR connexions.  The Yamaha BDA 1060 seems to be great for less $, it has also XLR connexions, SACD too.  I dont know if if they compare too the Oppo ?  But seems to be good.
+1allears... that was a smokin’ deal.

I had an Azur 851c and was not impressed with the dac section at all.  Build quality, looks, connections were all great but if it doesn’t sound very good...


keep us posted as you massage the Denon into your room/system.

Happy Listening!