Suggestions for my system: Preamp?

Especially for a recent college graduate, I am lucky to have such a nice stereo. It includes:

Magnepan 1.6QRs
NHT 12" powered subwoofer with an external crossover
Arcam CD-72T
Bryston 4B

Currently, my father's old Yamaha prologic (bah!) receiver is serving as my preamp. Also, I have AudioQuest cable, some decent interconnects (50 to 100 bucks a pop, not toooo expensive but not toooo cheap), and a Monster HTS1000 power conditioner.

I've been told that I really need a replacement for the Yamaha preamp. However, the entire aforementioned system was purchased for only 2 thousand dollars. Because I really don't have much cash, I've had to find excellent bargains and values.

So if you could kindly drop some suggestions for preamps that cost less than 750 used, I would appreciate it! My two criteria are: 1) It must be of sonic equivalence to my other components and 2) Must be able to send my towers AND my subwoofer a signal without using a Y splitter (i.e. the preamplifier must have more than 1 set of outputs). I really don't know where to begin looking, so thank you for your help!
You may want to look into the F.T. audio passive, it has an output for your sub, it also has 4 inputs. Do a search for this passive over at AA fourm for lots of info. ($500).
Ahh the wonderful flexibility of NHT subs w/ external Xovers.

Any 2 channel preamp of your choice can be used. Simply route the 2 channel signal through the Xover and then on to your amp.

I did with my NHT sub2i and it didnt change the sonics to any large degree.
What do you mean, a search on AA? Is that a website?
Audio Asylum (AA) is another great forum.
Dear Baltman:

Your first system and my first system have some similarities.

I strongly recommend a used Audio Research LS-3 (not the LS-3B), which goes for $600-$750 on Audiogon. I still own one (it anchors my second system), which I purchased new as part of my first stereo in 1995, which also featured a Bryston 4B-ST. When in production, it was Stereophile "A" rated. It has great synergy with the Bryston. I've also owned Jadis and CAT pre-amps, and currently have a Hovland pre-amp, and could live happily with the LS-3 in my primary system, as it is that good. And, yes, it has two outputs, so you can drive an amp and subwoofer.

I recommend Kimber Select 1011 all-copper interconnects with your equipment (+/- $225 for 1 meter lengths on Audiogon), but I used an Audioquest between my Audio Research and Bryston for the first few years.

As should be done with most hi-end equipment (except tube power amps and solid-state amps with Class-A output stages), be certain to leave the pre-amp on 24 hours a day so it doesn't break and so it is properly warmed up.

Good luck.
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I am considering all the preamps mentioned above, but especially the Adcom GFP-750 or the Classé CP-35. Is there a winner between these two amps?

Also, Is another which sells for the same price used clearly better than these two? Worse?

Someone told me that since I listen to rock music along with everything else that I should avoid tubes because they will add to the slowness of my Magnepans, I right now I'm limiting my search to solid-state preamps. Thanks!
The Classe CP-35 is vastly superior to the Adcom. It's got a lot better bass and just more life (better dynamics) than the Adcom. Oh, and don't listen to what people tell you about tube preamps sounding slow. They've obviously never heard a good one. Anyway, you'll be happy -- at least for a while -- with a CP-35.
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Are you sure about the Classe? I thought I saw a diagram that showed it with two RCA outputs... I could be wrong :)
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Baltman, there are some Bryston BP-20 preamps for sale here on A'gon for less than $750. Perfect. Newer design than your amp and well suited for any future "upgrade."
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BRYSTON: no remote
ADCOM: least good looking of the 3
CLASSE: none are available used that I've found

I'll have to make a decision. Thanks!
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Baltman: None may be available today, but these things change daily. Be patient. Besides, I know of a used Classe black faceplate CP-35 and I believe the asking price is $499. You can e-mail me for particulars. Oh, and I stand to gain nothing if you buy it. -- Ron
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