Suggestions for good Preamp/tuner

Hi guys. Just bought a nice used Forte Model 3 power amplifier, and I'm thinking about switching preamps. I currently have an Adcom GTP-500II preamp/tuner that I had paired with my former Adcom GFA-555 amp. I prefer a combo preamp/tuner if I can find one that comes close performance-wise to a nice separate preamp. A remote control is a must. Any suggestions?? Thanks. -David
B&K PT-3 or PT-5 ...Can usually be picked up
cheap here on Audiogon a great full featured preamp-tuner for the money!
I second the PT 3 or PT 5, excellent pre for not too much $$$.
I strongly recommend the Luxman TP-117- in actual comparison I find its performance very close and similar to the $7000 Mark Levinson 380S. For the nay sayers out there- I suggest you actually try both of these out and decide for yourself. I have also owned series of Krells (KRC2, KRC3, KCT, HTS2), Denon PRA-S1, Sony TAE-1 and the ML38S, 380 and 380S. I was amazed how similar the TP117 was to the 380S- could not pick them apart in a darkened room with my spouse doing the switiching. Go figure.
The B&K sounds great but had a really quirky remote. Get an Anthem TLP.