Suggestion for speakers 1k Arcam/Rega/Bryston

Looking for something that would fall under 1k used. I have Arcam CD73, Rega Planar 3 (Dynavector needle), Bryston B60 int amp.

My friend has Epos M3's which I love the sound of if that's any help.

Look into the PSB Stratus line. Nice synergy with Bryston power. Great deals to be had on the used market!
I think that the suggestions of the other posters are good. I might suggest Monitor Audio as well. However, the obvious question is that if you like Epos, why don't you look for something in their line?
I plan on auditioning the EPOS on my system; I wanted to try a few more out for comparison. The Epos might not sound the same on my equipment.
PMC DB1+ very good match with the Bryston amplifier!!
I forgot to mention that I heard the Bryston in a store with $3000+ B&W moniters. I've noticed the B&w Matrix 805's sell used in my price range.

Any thoughts on those?

From what I've read about the Arros, I think they would be good for me, as I'm a sucker for great imaging. I also have a chance to get thePSB Stratus Gold's for an amazing price. How are they on imaging?