Suggestion for new "what do you think"

I see many posts here from people asking for opinions on which components might go well with their existing rig! I see this often when it comes to phono cartridges. I'm often tempted to chime in with my own request but hesitate to hijack the thread.
Therefore, is there any merit to the proposal that would affix a permanent thread to the "what do you think" portion of this topic where one can ask their question, get recommendations and move on; leaving the tread open for the next inquiry? Just a thought!
In any event, here's my question:

I have a square motored Well Tempered Classic table; EAR 834P phono (Singerman modded); and a Shelter 501 MkII cartridge.
I'd like to upgrade the cartridge, any suggestions on a compatible fit? (In the $2K area, however).
Do Level 3 Soundsmith retip for $350 before going any further.
Not a bad idea, but that leaves me cartridge-less for weeks. Now I'm considering a new phono stage rather than new cartridge. Which would provide greater improvement?
I use Pickering XV15/D750 stylus when I have to wait for my Shelter501 re-tipped. It's a great cheap substitute as an idea.
I'm not fan of tube stages and I favor a lot versatility and adjustability of such. For that I'd recommend Violectric PPa V600 that only available from Germany currently. Not sure if there are any Violectric dealers in USA or anywhere you dwell. Not sure also if you will consider this one as an upgrade(it's in fact probably lower priced $1400), but with features of adjustability you may be able to achieve greater results. It's also fully deferentially balanced(no snit) if you have balanced components down the chain. The balanced connection for the cartridge is 5-din connector that uses +,- for each channel plus one ground din that is easy to reconnect in any tonearms.
Check to decide:
There some info here on 'gon about it that it's despite to ridiculously low price GIANT killer. Under the top cover user friendly adjustments of input capacitance and load impedance as well.