Sugden in US?

Interested in Sugden Bijou products, especially the Headmaster headphone/preamp. Available in US? Anyone heard them? Thanks.
Blkadr-I have the Sugden A21a amplifier-I highly recommend the quality of their equipment especially since most things in this country (UK) are a rip off.
Obviously you should demo their equipment, the Bijou line is also nice on the eye.....
Ben - How do feel about the EAR products? A local shop here really pushes both the Sugden and EAR stuff..
My local dealer does EAR though I've never heard it,it is a brand endorsed by the likes of Dave Gilmour(P.Floyd) however although he admires their original thinking on design I got the feeling he didn't consider their products amongst the best he stocked.
Complete hearsay but it's all I've usual...
Stereotypes Portland, Oregon handles the line and loves it.
Thanks to all.