Sudden death Velodyne DLS 3750R ?

My Velodyne DLS 3750R subwoofer died overnight. It was working fine the night before then next morning I was unable to power it up... no lights... no sign of life.... purchased new but warranty is probably over.... any ideas? Is it worth sending in for service? Or just send it to audio heaven and get a new sub???

Any suggestions?

Does the power supply have a fuse?
The power cord is attached to the unit and there's no fuse on the panel that I can detect. The manual indicates that there are no user serviceable parts. However, I've just received an email from Velodyne offering panel repair service for $190. I believe I paid around $500 plus tax for this unit. Is it worth sending in for repair? Could there be a fuse inside the panel that just needs to be changed?
Check for a fuse inside. You will most likely just send the amp in for repair/exchange anyway.
You're right Rwwear... I managed to pull the amp out and there's really nothing I can do... no fuse.... I'm sending it to Velodyne tomorrow.

Thanks for your input.
Glad to be useful.