Suddenly, Porcupine Tree

I have always been a Beetles, Stones, Springsteen, Young etc fan. You could throw in Yes, ELO, Pretenders, Dead and many more. You get the idea. I bought a porcupine tree album a few yrs ago gave it a spin and that was that. Did not get it. Recently I gave it another spin. Now suddenly I own everything they have done and starting on solo stuff. My favorite but not limited to, "stupid dreams". I now can not get enough of this band. What happened. Did I just get older? Like a "lightbulb sun" going off in my head. If you do not know this band get to know them. Anything I am missing? Other favorite albums of Porcupine? Other bands similar experience with?
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I was turned on to them a few years back at my dealers showroom. We were just listening to music and he said, "hey your a Pink Floyd fan, let me play this for you" , the put on The Sky Moves Sideways. I listened about 2 minutes and asked "is this Pink Floyd I just don't recall this track" he then handed me the album jacket and I was hooked. I think Steve Wilson is a geniuses an artist and engineer. I think they pick up where PF leaves off and add a new creative flavor Waters and Gilmour never tapped. No dis respect to PF intended, they are still my fav's. But PT is a worthwhile investment and Steve Wilson's solo work as well as Blackfield are just as good.
I have never heard them, but this post has me interested. What one or two albums would you buy first if you wanted to see if you liked this band?
Here's a few Porcupine Tree clones that you may also want to check out ...

Abigail's Ghost
Blackfield (which is another Steve Wilson project)

And some others that are not clones, but a somewhat similar sound that you might enjoy, depending on what period of PC you like ...

Pineapple Thief

There's tons more info for Porcupine Tree fans over at

I discovered Porcupine Tree from this blog last year when I asked 'Gon members to recommend modern prog bands in the Yes, Pink Floyd genre. I like "In Absentia" and "Fear of the Blank Planet." "Anesthetize" is a great song. I hear elements of PF, Yes, Rush (Alex Lifeson has a solo on Anesthetize), and even early Genesis. Sometimes, I don't care for some of the extreme heavy metal passages in PT songs, but for the most part, the songs represent a combination of some of my favorite bands through the years. I think that Steven Wilson and I enjoyed a lot of the same music growing up. I can also recommend some of the remasters that Wilson has worked on- particularly the 40th anniversary edition of Aqualung. My only complaint is that PT cd's are hard to find and generally very expensive.
I have a friend who is a big fan. I listened at his request several times, didn't get the music if not the musicianship of the band. I went with him to see them a few years back at the House of Blues in Orlando Fl surrounded by rabid fans. It was a bit loud for the venue with entirely too much bass that had me walking around the place to find a place to listen without being bombarded by the over the top bass. I must say I now know why I still don't get them, the music just doesn't connect or draw me in but again, a very good band. There was one cut, can't recall the name that I really liked. Other than that I found the concert a bit boring and couldn't wait for it to end, different strokes I suppose.

Sometimes it take a while to connect to music and often it takes a bit of effort. These things can't be forced. Maybe down the road my perspective of the music of this group will change? It does happen as it did with you.
I didn't connect with Porky Tree till I listened in my car, great driving music for long trips.

Agree with ptmconsulting that the first three Riverside albums and some of Anathema like Fine Day to Exit/We're here because we're here/Weather Systems are similar bands.
I'm a huge progressive music fan, but being an audiophile, a lot of bands have put out recordings that just don't work for me. I have The Incident on CD and Voyage 34 on vinyl and neither are very impressive. Can anyone suggest an album or two that might be a bit more high fidelity?
i think of pt as prog for people like me who really don't like prog. what separates them from their ostensible peers is that they (like pink floyd and radiohead) have generally-accessible tunes with real melodies, not just exercises in virtuosity and bombast.
PT is cool - I enjoy them a lot. If you wanna hear more prog - check out Spock's Beard. Their latest album, Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep, is their best work ever, IMO. You'll love their stuff if you grew up listing to progressive rock music from the late 60's through the early 80's.
I checked out some PT videos on youtube. I liked the overall sound but found the guitar player to be inappropriately derivative/generic/uninspired. I'll give him this--he didn't sound as if he was trying to imitate Dave Gilmour.
It's Beatles. Not Beetles. It's only been 50 plus years.
"Up the Downstair" a double album is a prog rockers dream album. Great heady band.
I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Steven Wilson's solo effort from last year The Raven That Refused To Sing....a modern Prog classic and the best thing he has ever done
I was introduced to PT by way of listening one day to Radio Paradise out of CA. This GREAT station needs NO introduction. I purchased "Signify" lp. What a great record! The production, the flow, the music... Awesome!
I enjoy PT and some of Steve Wilson's solo stuff but to be honest on his solo work he borrows way to much from other prog classic bands.On his Grace for Drowning cd on the 2nd disc he rips off some of King Crimsons music from Lizard. It's bound to happen I guess.
Up until last year I'd seen the name but never heard the music. A friend on Facebook posted a song on youtube. I now have most of there CD's. Qdrome, I agree with your comments about Steve Wilson's solo stuff.
Well, considering that Robert Fripp hand-picked Steve Wilson to re-master/re-mix most of the KC catalog, it's not surprising that he borrows from King Crimson.

I have seen them live 3 times and each time I came away amazed by the musicianship and the sound quality. The guy who does their live sound really knows his stuff!

Dnd PFFischer, their most "accessible" album is Stupid Dream. I also greatly enjoy In Absentia and On The Sunday Of Life.

Steve Wilson is a certified genius and PT is a fabulous band...

SAw them live once. SOund quality was very loud to suit the music but top notch anyhoo.