Subwoofers to match Totem Hawk

Hey everyone, I'm wondering if any of you out there with the Totem Hawk could recommend a good subwoofer to match them. I would think that the Totem Lightning or the Thunder would match them well since it's from the same company, but I can't find any online reviews or discussion here about them.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. My system is McIntosh MC7300 power amp, C-40 preamp and the room is a small 10' x 14'.
I run the Totem mani-2s (no sub needed), and the Arros. For the Arros I use a REL Q108 sub. For my HT system which uses Sonus Faber speakers and a McIntosh MHT-100, I use a REL Stadium III sub, all with very good result. As for the Mani-2s, I use a McIntosh C-15 preamp and a MC-252.
I auditioned the Hawks with my REL Stadium II last year and it was a seamless match (I did a smaller speaker shootout on my system). I am going to post my REL sub (in walnut) soon as I am selling off my system. Contact me if you are interested (approx $1,100).