Subwoofer is too loud with gain all the way down

I'm not sure what to do to get the excessive gain out of my subwoofer. I have RCA cables (left & right) going from the Emotiva integrated amp output to the RCA inputs on my NHT Classic 10 subwoofer. I have a USB Micca Origen preamp/dac with the gain set at -10dB. I can't turn the gain on my sub any lower. My preamp volume is at 12:00 and my integrated amp volume is at 1:00. Thanks
Hi Sean!

That’s pretty weird. It’s a pretty weird set up and it’s odd you can’t get less gain. Are you really saying it’s too loud, or just boomy at some frequencies?

Can you help me out a little bit and explain why you have an integrated amp and a preamp? I’m really very confused why you would have both.

Are you sure the Emotiva’s outputs are variable? Processor loop outputs are always full range. What is the exact model of Emotiva you are using?

If your sub has speaker level inputs, try those instead.

Lastly, if you really just can’t solve it the normal ways, you can try to add more padding using a resistor in series with the RCA connectors, or a stereo volume control. I suspect you have something else going on though.
Emotiva integrated amp outputs? Do you mean line level preamp outputs?
Hi, it's an Emotiva Mini-x a-100. I would imagine that they are line level preamp outputs.
It's pretty much too loud and too boomy with most music. I have the sub X-over @80Hz. 
I have an integrated amp and preamp because I need the USB DAC to go to my computer. I thought that it was very normal to have a preamp feeding into a power amp or integrated amp? 

Put some Rothwell inline attenuators on the subwoofer rca's

Cheers George 
Ahh,  I see there's a little confusion. An integrated amplifier includes a preamplifier. The Emotiva A100 is a stereo amplifier, with a volume control.  If it included source switching it would be a true integrated.  So no, it's not common for a preamp to feed an integrated.

In any event, I suspect the problem is where you are managing the volume. The Emotiva's RCA output is a copy of the input. It is not affected by the Emotiva's volume control.

Turn the volume all the way up on the Emotiva, and leave it there. Use the Micca's volume control to set your listening level. Now you should be able to get the sub woofer into a usable range. 

You may need to play with this somewhat, but wherever you end up setting the Emotiva's volume, you'll need to be sure it's a setting you can replicate, if you accidentally change it.

As I noted before, another option is probably to use the speaker outputs, if your sub supports that. Then you should be able to use the Emotiva's volume control.


Setting the Emotiva volume control @95% worked. Thank you!!  
Glad I could help.  You are most welcome.  Most people think I make this stuff up. :)