Subwoofer connection


I just got a new sub that has XLR connectors for Right and Left.

My preamp has one pair of balanced XLR outputs and one pair of unbalanced RCA outputs. My poweramp has one set of balanced XLR inputs.

What's the BEST way to setup this sub?

I was thinking a pair of XLR Y-splitters to split the signal coming out of the pre XLR connectors sending two cables to the sub and two to the power amp; not using the rca outs of the preamp at all.

thanks for any info.

If your sub also has RCA inputs (you didn't say) I think you'd be better off just running a pair of single ended ICs from your RCA preamp out to the sub, and save the XLR connections for your power amp. That's what I do and it's just fine.
What Nsgarch suggests is OK as long as you do not want to roll off the low end of your main speakers to increase clarity and power handling. You say that your sub has XLR connectors; only one set of XLR inputs or does it have ins and outs?

Kal - I wouldn't use the crappy Crossover in my $2600 Velodyne to roll anything off my main speaker but I would use my Wilson's Sub crossover.

Nsgarch - I would agree - splitter will degrade the performance for you main speakers.
Thanks for these replies.

The sub has only one pair of XLR inputs, no outputs and no RCAs.
What brand sub is it, must be a commericial sub? You use a cardas XLR to Single Ended adapter for the sub.
Cytocycle is right. Use an adaptor for the sub and the "real" balanced connection for the main.
"I would agree - splitter will degrade the performance for you main speakers."

Really? You must be using crappy stuff. ;-)