stupid question on sacd:pls help

if one plays a mutli channel sacd via a mutichannel player but via only two channel amplification -speaker set up, does one get the mutichannel converted into stereo automatically or just lose the 3.1 channels' data?
One loses the other signals. Why not just play the stereo track? All SACDs have them.
Set your player menu to defalt to two channel sacd if you only have a two channel rig. As Kal stated..all have a two channel sacd track which your player will defalt to once the menu choice is set.

If you require specific help with your player to change to 2-channel, list it such that we can provide the info.
thanx guys,...just wanted to know b4 upgrading my system. I currently have a compromised system to satisfy my two loves, music and movies> Luckily I am moving a new place where so that I can divide them into two. For music only, I thus now want to get into SACD, perhaps DVD-A (not sure), but given space and other considerations want to keep it 2 channel only for now.

My current system is
Camelot Roundtable MK2 DVD player
Linn 5103 controller/premap
Linn 5125 mutichannel amp (for just 3.1...not the main left-right speakers)
Linn Klimaxx Monoblocks for right/left
Proac Response 4
Proac center channel, rears and Paradigm subwoofer
Elco cables
PS Audio P300

I am thinking of keeping the Klimaxxes for the 2 channel set up...for speakers I want quality but not something perhaps less physically imposing than the Proacs: perhaps Kharma Ref 3.2s (but then Linn bad match?), Wilson System 7 or Sophias, Genesis 501, Cremona etc....u get the idea

Preamps I guess when I can figure out the main speakers.,...though considering BAT VK51SE, Ayre K1X, VTL 7.5, Hovland HP 200 etc But first got to figure out speakers and whether the Klimaxxes can stay: hopefully they can so I can spend money elsewhere.

Back to digital: everything I've read tells me that its either EMM LAbs DAC6 or the Esoteric, neither of which I have audtioned as of yet. I tried the LINN 1.1 Universal and it was OK but lacked weight in bass, solidity of images etc.

In general I am more of an appreciater of quality of sounds as opposed to being a true die hard audiophile. I listen to all kinds of music, rock, pop, jazz, funk, vocal etc.

Any suggestions?