Stupid question on Power Cords?

My Shanling STP 80 and T200 came with stock power cords, after careful review I notice that they are OFC and have hospital grade Marinco connectors both look pretty well built however I was looking into upgrading but most of the power cord upgrade have the same components as my stock power cords. Is there any benefit to an upgrade? I know that my equipment is Chinese made so I personally dont know if they have built a good quality cord but in my eyes they look pretty damn good.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
The only way to know is to try upgraded cords and decide if the difference you hear is worth the money. In my experience aftermarket cords can make a significant difference.
One way to experiment - as I did - is to contact The Cable Company and rent several for their 10-day trial. You can put the rental fee (5% of retail) toward a purchase of new or used cords. The other way is to buy used and resell on AudioGon as a way to sample differences

After trying several - SIlver Audio, Kimber, Harmonic Tech, DiMarzio - I found the JPS Labs cords to be head and shoulders above the others. But the only way to know is to try some yourself.
Try a VH Audio Flavor 4. This is a great value.
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If you are worried about a Chinese made cord, what does that say about the rest of the player?

It doesn't say anything about the rest of the player.

It says something about the owner's concerns. After reading the OP carefully, it seems to me he has no issue with the stock Shanling PC. He just wonders if it's worth upgrading.

I have owned Shanling players and I own two Shanling amps. The stock cords are quite good IMHO. I tried premium power cords (Ensemble and Wireworld) on the players with good results. I have not tried premium cords on the amps, because there is more to gain by upgrading source and preamp cords.

I would suggest trying an upmarket cord on the T200. The Acoustic Zen El Nino has worked well on sources for me recently, at reasonable cost.
unless you are unhappy with the sound, don't change a thing.
What's that old addage, there is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people. Or something like that. All joking aside, I have switched out every stock power cord on every piece of equipment I own over the years. I highly recommend it. My suggestion is to find a local dealer and try a few different cords and see if you see a difference. I have found a big difference in amp and preamp cords, not as much on the digital side. It may be different for you. Good luck.
Here's the problem (and it's NOT about 'Chinese') Digital stuff needs a shielded power cord so it won't broadcast digital RFI (hash) into the air. Your stock cord MAY be shielded (it'll say right on the cord) however, even if it is, it's still no good -- here's why: to get UL approval, shielded OEM cords must have the shield connected to the ground pin of the plug at EACH END! Ground loop! Hum city!

If it IS shielded, you can cut off the IEC plug at the component end of the cord and install a new IEC plug WITHOUT connecting the shield. I've done that many times with otherwise good, shielded, OEM cords, and it works fine. Or you can buy an aftermarket cord with a floating shield and save the stock cord for when you sell the player ;--)