Strangest Tweak?

Bricks atop amps, sandbads atop speakers,snake oil? And i am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg...
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Put your CDs in a ziplock bag in the freezer for a day, then very slowly bring them back to room temperature.
ditto the freezer thing for records
Placing(elevating them away from carpet) power conditioners on Hard wood cutting boards as suggested by several vansevers PLC users.There is a lot of information about exotic woods and how they effect the sound at vansevers website.A small hard wood cutting board at close out stores costs 3 dollars, Larger Maple ones at E bay are about 22 dollars. If one wants to be really adventurous they can try Olive wood cutting boards under equipment costs 33 dollars( Google search olive cutting boards).
I used maple boards.Olive boards are on order
CD demags .crazy and mihorns just plan stupid.But cables cones and outlets .make a big diferance at least too me .
Maybe not so strange, but warm up your ears. Start off listening at very low volumes slightly increasing volume every couple of munutes or after every track. Take a good half hour to slowly bring it up to your normal listening level. Your ears will love you for it.