Strangest Tweak?

Bricks atop amps, sandbads atop speakers,snake oil? And i am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg...
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One I heard is High Teflon content Auto Wax to polish the metal posts and shelving of equipment rack( Rational- cheap- if it is good enough for thecable jackets- it may be good for the shelving and metal posts)
Placing(elevating them away from carpet) power conditioners on Hard wood cutting boards as suggested by several vansevers PLC users.There is a lot of information about exotic woods and how they effect the sound at vansevers website.A small hard wood cutting board at close out stores costs 3 dollars, Larger Maple ones at E bay are about 22 dollars. If one wants to be really adventurous they can try Olive wood cutting boards under equipment costs 33 dollars( Google search olive cutting boards).
I used maple boards.Olive boards are on order