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Can satellite radio be connected to DAC?
I use AVA DAC between my dishnetwork satellite receiver and my 2 channel audio system. Dish network satellite receiver is built for a price point with cheap parts. The improvement is significant.Ocassionally I also connect it with Taddeo digital a... 
Aaaugh Please recommend a DVD player
I have philips 963 purchased for 236.00$ from One call.The video is fine.The audio is O>KI wish to get it modified.Budget not more than 350 $. Who moadifies them?Any easy to do mods with out soldering?(power cords damping etc.thanks for any sug... 
Can Computers add noise to home electrical system
In my home theater system the worst component is the dish networkPVR receiver with a hard drive. There is no on and off switch to turn the power completely off.If one pulls the plug reloading takes up to 4 minutes.It is kept on a different circuit... 
Review: Audcom AP-120 Tube preamp
I will have mine in about three weeks time as it is sent to bolder cables for upgrade.(caps, re wiring etc)From what i heard from other owners of audcom 120 isthat is well built.the original tubes that came with it needs to be replaced.It is a bar... 
Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage
http://sekei.comThatis the correct web address.Sorry for the error.You will find few posts about them in Audiocircle com(market square)There is a review about Audcom 120 pre amp recently in audiogon.(329$)If we go to walmart a good perentge of the... 
Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage
I guess it is the same as meixing Chineese made and they look similar.Please check the website seiki.com.I understand they are well made products and perform well.There is a brief review of it some where. 
Review: Audcom AP-120 Tube preamp
Thanks for your review. I ordered one already from Sekei Inc. Now it is with Wayne for upgrading.Probably the additional gain switch on the rare of the pre amp can be removed and the gain can be fixed.I will request if the phono section can be con... 
Pre-Amp decision from a Newbie - Need Help
AVA pre amps are a very good choice, trouble free, great sound.I have 2 of them 
Best 3 "channel" Amp "Under $2000.00" ??? "NEW"
Omega Star solid state3 channel reliable solid performer- Audio by frank van alstine atavahifi.com 
Review: Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver Edition Interconnect
Ridge Street Audio Designs: Midnight Silver Edition InterconnectsPurchased from Audiogon.Website: RidgeStreetAudioDesigns.com Purchase decision of this cable was based upon my prior experience 0f 9 months with the RSA Reference Mark II Interconne... 
Monster Power AVS2000 generate AC noise or not?
Check vansever model 11 dedicated to video.It works well.Costs 270$. 
CD Matts that improve sound?
The cheapest one is by Herbies audio. costs 17 dollars. I will be getting one for fun.It is available in suitable thickness for DVD and CD players( thin - drawer loading mechanism) 
Strangest Tweak?
Placing(elevating them away from carpet) power conditioners on Hard wood cutting boards as suggested by several vansevers PLC users.There is a lot of information about exotic woods and how they effect the sound at vansevers website.A small hard wo... 
Strangest Tweak?
One I heard is High Teflon content Auto Wax to polish the metal posts and shelving of equipment rack( Rational- cheap- if it is good enough for thecable jackets- it may be good for the shelving and metal posts) 
Listening room lighting that won't cause problems
In My home most of the lights are Compact flouroscent lights(CFL) with electronic ballsts.They do degrade the TV picture and sound from my stereo.I resorted to sticking a a one and half inch square of ERS sheet on all ballsts and other transformer...