Strange Issues with NAD C565BEE

My C565BEE is currently experiencing strange issues when pressing the front panel buttons. Also, playing back a cd when the unit is powered on by the remote has a different set of issues.

The first issue is that pressing the front panel buttons doesn't seem to do anything. Pushing the power button does not turn on the unit. Obviously not a good thing.

The unit does power on when pressing the On button on the remote. After it is powered on, the front panel buttons still are not operational. The player is able to read discs and can play them, but quickly starts to skip. For example, it will play the first 10 seconds of a track just fine, the skip 30 seconds farther into the track.

I have no idea what is going on here. I purchased the unit used from a fellow here, so NAD support probably isn't an option. I'd love to know there's an easy solution, but I'm not counting on it.
Not to be negative, but it doesnt sound (no pun intended) like an easy fix.
Easy solution ... purchase a new cd player, like an Emotiva ERC-2 or XTZ CD-100/ 101. Both highly recommended.

Not sure if it is worth repairing the NAD.


I have the same issues with my NAD C565BEE. I contacted Spearit Sound and they told me NAD has a fix/solution but I need to send it in for warranty service. What did you find out about your unit? Thanks, Mikleppink