Steve Wilson`s new one

i just ordered it.
has anyone heard it yet?
Which Steve Wilson? There are several musicians with that name.
the frontman of Porcupine Tree
I got it last week.....a wee bit of a struggle I thought...I find his work a tad too derivative and lacking weight. The slower tracks have a nice ambience not unlike Hackett era Genesis but lyrically a tad ordinary.....the opening track tries too hard very like Rush meets Drama era Yes.....sounds very like Tempus Fugit....

Like any new record you need time to digest it but I find the reference points being so obvious that it is distracting......

It's recorded well.
I have heard it a few more times and it has a few nice moments/good songs.

I still hear some of the same issues and I am a wee bit baffled as to why there are moments in it that just sound like total "lifts" from other songs...

FOABP I still think is his best work it retains more of a mood and sounds a lot less generic since then I think most of his output lacks a bit of personality.
I am really starting to enjoy this record....:-)
i just received mine have not played it yet