Step Down Converter - Does it degrade the sound?

I recently saw 240 volt integrated amp from the UK and was wondering if it is ok to use with a Step Down Converter? What are the pros and cons of using a step down device? Does it affect the sound and am I in jeopardy of blowing the transformer or ruining the unit since it does have some current. Thanks
1. you shouldn't have any problems with current or equipment safety if your adapter is capable to handle sufficient currents you unit requires.
2. you may hear an extra noise from an extra transformer which is obvious.
3. as far as SQ goes, no substantial or noticable changes
In my experience an AC transformer has direct affect on SQ, never seen it not to. Transformers imparted antiseptic qualities in the systems I've sold and/or installed. I would avoid them specially since you have no way to testing the effects of the converter.