Stellavox ST2 DAC and use of worldclock generators


Anyone used this? I am quite keen to buy a Victor XL-Z999EX CD (japan only version of the Harmonix Reimyo 777 cd) with world clock input function to reduce jitter and get the timing correct.

So...i've seen a Swissonic WD8 world clock thingy...and also a Stellavox DAC.

The Stellavox ST2 has received many excellent reviews in asia, apparently based on the Goldmund Alize2 technology.

Wondering how this would compare with the Benchmark DAC for example?

On the other hand if anyone knows of single channel world clock generators i would be very interested to hear. The Swissonic (i have growing suspiscions that they might be related to Goldmund and Stellavox but its only a hunch) WD8 is 8 channel and for studio use you see!


Although an exception could exist, by their very nature word clock generators are designed to work with multiple digital components. I wish more audiophile oriented equipment had word clock inputs and outputs. Separate clock generators are really overkill for audiophiles. The important thing is that both the transport and the DAC are running on the same clock. You may need to experiment with which setup sounds better, if either, but the accuracy of the built in clocks should be more than adequate.

BTW, I believe most Swissonic products are based upon RME designs.
Thanks for the response much appreciated.

I understand now what you mean about the multiple inputs for studio use.

I'll buy a Stellavox DAC anyway...great DAC!

Word clocks are actually not applicable to many modern DAC chips. If you read the datasheets, it is the Bit Clock or BCLK,SCLK that actually does the final clocking through the DAC chip in many cases. If you implement a word clock on one of these chips, it will have virtually no effect on jitter. Examples are:

AD1853, PCM1704, possibly AKM4395, CS4397

WM8740 uses the word clock, but can even resynchronize this depending on the phase between L/RCLK and SCLK.

I think a lot of designers are still under the impression that the word clock actually does the final clocking in most DAC chips, when it is not the case. Depends on the DAC chip.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I've compared the Stellavox to the Benchmark using GamuT amplification and Gradient speakers. I took my ST-2 over to a pal's house and swapped it into his system. Transport was Sonic Frontiers. The highs especially were much better with the Stellavox, violins were less confused, there was more natural timbre with cymbals. Benchmark owner now wants to switch.