Stellavox amps ?

I'm wondering why I read so little about Stellavox PW-1 monoblock amps? I brought home a used pair 4 years ago just to try, and fell in love with them. My experience with other amps is limited to a Krell KAV-250i & a Bryston 4BST. I had been swapping components in my system for about 10 years (off & on) never being totally happy until I plugged in the PW-1's. I'm using them with Silverline Sonata II's & a Wadia 850 CD player. I've had the opportunity to listen to systems costing more than 10 times what I have invested in mine, and haven't found any reason to want to change anything. Why are these amps being ignored? Is it because they just aren't very impressive looking?
They are superb amps. Stellavox was the "pro" division at Goldmund.

Not many were sold, and Goldmund discontinued the project.

I currently own a pair of pw-1 monoblocks which I bought used here on Audiogon. Very impressed with the over all build quality and sound! Very warm tube like for solid state! I have a NYAL Minuet in A for a preamp. Fantastic match up! Meridean 596 DVD player which I play CD's through. A matched pair of Ruark Solus monitors. The instruments sound as if they are in the room with you! Very Live like performances! Extremely impressed with my system! Would not change a thing!Rega P2 Table with RB300 with discovery wire Acrylic platter, tricked up sub-platter and a Clearaudio Maestro Cartridge!