Steel shot

Hi, Is steel shot magnetic? Are there any implications of putting magnetic material inside the speaker cabinet (Von Schweikert VR-4 JR), practically next to the driver magnet? The same question goes for Micro bearing sold specifically for that purpose. I'm little leary about using uncoated lead shot. Regards.
Steel shot tends to get magnetized depending on magnetic permitivity, strength of the driver and the distance from such.
I have a friend who's using Atabites steel shots and after removing them they didn't seem to be magnetized.
I just added 50 lbs of lead to my new Vr4jr's last night and I have no qualms about it. The plug was a real bitch to get out, and went back in place just as tightly , so I can't imagine the dust can get into the air. It is also sealed there so the woofers won't disturb it.The plinth adds more protection for me.

I did notice the base really tightened up, and these only have about 20 hours on then.

I do wish VSA would either leave the plug out til the speakers are delivered to the owner, or put a tool in to ease the plugs removal. I scuffed mine up some, and am glad the plinth hides it.

Every bag of reloading lead shot I've ever seen contains coated lead. You need not fear it.
Did you remove any of the fill material before adding the lead shot? I could only get about 30#s into each speaker. It really helped tighten things up, but I am wondering if I should have removed some of the fill material to make more room?
Maniac, Where did you put the lead shot in?..It looks like you put the shot in the hole in the front of the speaker, from your post!!...I hope that wasn't the case, and I misunderstood what you meant.