Stealth Dream AC powerchord

I just bought Stealth Indra interconnect for source/preamp and I'm very very pleased. Now, as I need a powerchord for my cd player (Cary 306 SACD), I'm wondering whether Stealth's Dream powerchord, specifically the Digital version, would be a good match. An additional piece of information which might be relevant : this pc will be connected to a Hydra-8...
I'm wondering if any of you has had the chance to audition this pc and what the (lasting) impression it left.
cheers and thank you for your feedback
I'm using all Stealth cables (IC + PC + SC) and I 'm extremely happy with all of them. I've tried Stealth Dream power cords against many well known brands and it beat them by far every time.
The dream power cord by stealth is the best pc you can get on this world. The only draw back is the price!
I agree with the above, but I have not tried the even more expensive Prana wires. The Dreams are now use exclusively, and I no longer use any ac filtering as even the best hurts the immediacy of the sound.
anyone compare Stealth Dream powercords against Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha or Elrod Statement powercords? pls describe differences...
Alexsee, I have a compared all three cables (shunyata anaconda helix alpha, elrod statement, stealth dream) and i was astonished on how much improvement the dream had made to my audio gear that I have in my home. The audio gear I have setup in my office, i couldn't tell much difference and this could be on type of setup. My gear at home consist of (accuphase ps-1100 line conditioner,fm acoustics fm115 monos,fm acoustics 266-mkII preamp,acapella campanile speakers,emm labs cdsa player, all ic's are stealth indra) and my office gear is (accuphase ps-500 line conditioner,lamm ll2 deluxe preamp w/all mullard tubes,stax srm-007tII amp w/404 stax cans,accuphase dp-78 sacd player,all ic's are stealth indra/gs 50-50). If you look at the power demand for both setup, you will see the home audio gear demands more juice. So, depending on your power demand will determine what would be adequate for your setup. I am presently using the dream's for my home gear and shunyata phython vx in the office. I have done a lot of swamping of cables and this is the best result for both of my systems. good day! david picarsic
hi david, thks for sharing. you hv some very impressive components. 1 question though... doesn't the FM Acoustic stuff come with attached powercords?
yes, all fm acoustics come with an attached pc. I have my fm gear modified for the purpose of updating the pc for the latest technology in pc's.
Jagdynamics, I continue to share your opinions on the Stealth Dreams. I use them throughout my system. I have found a plug in box that you have to try. It is the Acoustic Revive RTP-6 Ultimate. It is a very major improvement over just Stealth Dreams.
I have been auditioning the Stealth Dream AC cord against an Elrod EPS 3S, and the Jena Labs One for use on my BAT VK50SE pre-amp. One thing that I noticed right away was that I had to increase the volume on the preamp when the Dream cord was put on as compared to the other AC cords. Weird, but happens every time. I was trying to compare using the same volume setting with the same cd playing the same cut, but couldn't hear the details when listening at a lower volume setting with the Dream cord and had to increase the volume about -30 to -23 to experience a comparable volume.

In comparison thus far, the Dream cord is a very nice AC cord that creates a very smooth, relaxing presentation compared to the other cables. The Jena One is, so far, my favorite as it seems to create the best soundstage, dynamics and inner detail without sounding hard or bright in any way. The Elrod is no slouch and at the end of the day may very well be the cable I decide to keep. I have found the Elrod AC cords to work very well on tubed CDPs and Preamps and for a decent price comparatively.

The two nice advantages of the Jena over both of the others is flexibility and you can plug directly into the wall outlet since the cable has the built in power conditioner. Overall the Jena One is the best I have heard thus far.

I have heard the Elrod Statement, a number of Shunyatas and a host of others as well. I do believe that matching the cord with the equipment is critical and the Dream AC cord is one I would recommend giving a try if you can afford to.
some friends & i did a powercord shootout a while back. the shootout included:

harmonix studio master
jena labs model one
jorma super power
pranawire samadhi
pranawire satori
purist audio dominus rev.c
shunyata anaconda helix alpha
stealth dream (preamp & amp)

while there were certainly some combinations we preferred, there were ultimately no winners or losers. component-cable matching is indeed key.
Alexsee, sounds like a fun but exhausting experiment. I have tried most of these and some others typically compared on one component, an easy one, the cd players or amp. I can make decisions for me but that is about it.
Guys, last evening I painted the carbon fiber plugs at both ends of one Stealth Dream Preamp power cord with the AVM paint. You can learn about the AVM at Again all that I painted was the outsides of one Stealth. What I got as a result was much crisper sound with a great sense of the hall, recording studio, or live venue of the recording. Had a friend not reported the benefits of painting the entire length of a power cord, I would have not done this as I assumed that the carbon fiber plugs would have been largely immune to vibrations. I, of course, now need to paint the remainder of my power cords.

I am continually amazed at how pervasive the disruptions of vibrations are to our systems. I joked with a friend last night that my wife would probably say "absolute not" were I to paint my windows.
I wanted to revive this thread to ask if the Stealth Dream power cable changes with break-in, especially in the upper high frequencies. Thanks in advance.
It has been some time since I got Dreams, but I think they do take breakin and it is the highs that come around last. I think you also need to keep the silver plugs clean.
OK, thank you. I really think the Dream is special in just about every way and would be perfect if the highs were just slightly less raw. .
anyone had the chance to compare stealth dream digital pcord against virtual dynamic genesis..? there no dealer where i am...!
Chahed, You should look into NVS Sound PCs. I put a picture under my system thread. This is the best PC I have ever heard. It may be more appropriately called a 6 foot power conditioner.
Have STEALTH V10 speaker wire wonderful imaging,sounstaging bass etc.I may try power cords.
Stealth PC is a bit unusual when I tried them in my system at first. Over the past couple of years, I tried quite a few PCs. I ended up mostly with Synergistic Research Halogram A/D and one Shunyata King Cobra CX cable. My system was mostly SR cables (Apex IC/speaker cables with universal cells for both IC/SC). Initially, I tried Stealth digital on its own with my system and I was not impressed. The sound was detailed, opened but otherwise rather unexciting. Then eventually I slowly replaced SR Apex IC with Stealth Sakra which I thought was amazing, despite the price. Then my Stealth dealer suggested that I should try Stealth PC again but rather than just one cable, he loaned me 3 for monoblock power amps and pre. The change was very impressive. The bass weight is a tad lighter than SR/Shunyata but with much better definition and speed. Shunyata midrange has good detail but drier and less body. SR Halogram has bigger sounding, slightly darker and warmer but quite a bit less detail and extension on top. I did not really appreciate Stealth PC until I have a few of them in my system. May be Stealth does not play well with a mixed bag of other cables, may be you need a few of them to really get the idea of what the cables are capable of doing. I don't know. Now I am in the process of getting more Stealth PC into my systems.
Suteetat, I don't think many cable companies' cables sound good in a mixed bag. Certainly, when I had Stealth cables, Synergistic Research cables, and now Exemplar Portals, this has been true.
Thg, I totally agree with you. However, it is rather difficult to audition a whole set of power cords at home. At least I don't know too many dealers who would lend 3 or 4 power cords at a time. However, with my mostly SR cables in the past, I auditioned single Shunyata King Cobra CX, Elrod Gold Statement, JPS Aluminata and a few others and even with just one cable, the good and the bad was not difficult to hear. I am sure if I put 3-4 of the same cables in the system, it would be even easier to appreciate the differences. However, Stealth was just downright unimpressive with one cable but with 3 cables, it was a whole new story.