cable and powerchord match to amp and preamp ?

HI,I have audio research vt100 11 amp and sp15 preamp with a sme 10 turntable,what would be best match cables and powerchords for this gear?
Lot's of varibles here. Depends where you want to nudge your system.

I will say, if you are using the stock SME tonearm cable, that is a CLEAR place to start.

I'd consider Cardas, Kimber, Graham, Silver breeze and my favorite Purist Audio Designs. Venastus likely the place to start for your set up....It's a little pricey, but will floor you in performance gains.

The others are pretty darn good to...

Kind of hard to give a blanket recomendation with out knowing your goals and budget in mind...
I know I sound like a "broken record" on this, but use the Cable Company to audition such a config on your system, and while you do that, I strongly suggest a matched tryout of Synergistic Research's Tesla series... let them "settle in" (keep the power on for a couple of days), and it'll be worth every minute to be able to judge for yourself.

I'd try a T2 PC on the preamp, a T3 PC on the CDP or digital source, and a T3 PC on the amp(s). I'd go Accelerator ICs on the CDP to Preamp, and Precision Reverence ICs from the pre to the amp. Joe at the Cable Company might have better/different refinements regarding Tesla's with respect to your specific system.

Every Tesla upgrade or new inclusion in my system has made a significant (and not modest) difference to the upside.