State of current production (2020-21) top flight 300b tubes

I intend to replace Shuguang Black Treasure 300b in custom 300b monoblocks soon. Black Treasures have been very reliable, both as power tube in 300b amps, and driver tubes in Coincident Turbo 845, sound quality is sort of blah.
Based on observations over past couple years, the following are contenders. EML XLS- seem to have high reliability, sound quality near top of the heap. Takatsuki-slightly less reliable, sq right up there. Latest production Elrog TM and Moly-Moly too expensive for my taste, both Elrogs highly suspect as to reliability, perhaps best sq. Psvane Acme and WE repo-Acme reportedly high sq, spotty reliability, Acme better than WE. Audio Note-Psvane manufactured, I've seen perhaps one short review, Psvane reliability. EAT-know virtually nothing. Linlai Elite-no reviews, unknown reliability, former Psvane employees.
At this point, every choice seems to have some level of questionable reliability, exception of EML XLS. Of those with questionable reliability but more proven track records, my first choice would be Psvane Acme. Sound quality up with best, although my experience with Psvane tubes reliability is also spotty, one of the 101D WE in my Coincident Statement Pre developed leak through pins at around 500 hours, various iterations of 845 tubes in both Art Audio and Coincident Turbo never any problems, all have nice sq. The Elrog TM would be my first choice if only for sq, two previous iterations with poor reliability leave the third iteration(2020) highly suspect. I also seem to recall having seen someone selling a single of the newest iteration, having suffered failure of the other one. I've not seen a single review of these new Elrogs, not willing to take a chance until proven track record. I'm extremely curious about the new LinLai Elite, even with no track record, present price makes it less risk than Elrog, being ex Psvane employees ensures some degree of a track record. I also recently purchased LinLai Elite 101D, looks to have better build quality than Psvane WE 101. Haven't listened to these yet as still burning in the single Psvane 101 replacement in pre.
Anyone have experience with latest iteration of Elrogs, Audio Notes, EAT, LinLai Elite?

I would stay away from Gold Lion/Genelex 300bs - 2 out of 3 have gone south for me.
Top class: EAT, Takatsuki, Elrog, new WE
Good: TJ Full Music, KRAudio

Differences in sound quality are significant

Good luck finding EML XLS. Fantastic tubes but they’re becoming hard to source.