Stacey Kent LPs

Hey Folks--Interested in recommendations on the various Stacey Kent LPs from Pure Pleasure Records. I have a compilation CD from her Candide catalogue which I like and would like to add several LPs to my collection. I'm not really interested in the Bossa Nova material and would like to grab the 2-3 best LPs from what is available on LP which feature the best sonics and performances. Your feedback is welcome.
Can't comment on this particular artist but based upon my experience with Pure Pleasure lps, they're hit & miss sonically. Good luck.
The best disc by far of those available is the two disc version of “Breakfast on the Morning Tram”.

The others to my mind are ok but Breakfast combines good songs with excellent production. It’s a pity their is no vinyl version of “Raconteur Moi” which is my go to test disc (track 2). You should get this on CD in any case
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