SS or Tubes for Spendor S3/5?

I'm looking to upgrade a Rega Brio-R for my Spendor S3/5R speakers. I've searched the forum archives to no avail. There doesn't seem to be consensus on this.

Should I consider a decent push-pull tube amp of approximately the same power as the Brio R or an even more powerful SS amplifier?
Having once owned these, and being a "tubee" I'd still suggest that these power hungry mini's perform best with disproportionally large amps, probably ss with lots of dampening power. Really, the bigger the better, I suspect.
Greg7- Did you feel the Brio R was not a good match with the Spendor 3/5R's ?
I have those speakers. I run them with 50 watt Rogue Audio amps and that is plenty. They are great with anything you decide on tube or ss.
I have used 200 watt ss and 40 watt tube amps with them and the 40 watt tube amps make them shine. A kt88 type tube amp will really open them up.
Perhaps a new amp is not what you need to achieve your sonic objective? I remember being amazed when a dealer showed me that everything I thought I needed a new amp to achieve, was actually realized through upgrading the preamp. It didn't matter to him, as he could have easily just sold me a new amp. Before you upgrade, you should make sure your source(s) are not what you need to look into. That being said, I would not approach a system upgrade as a tube v. solid state thing. I would concentrate on finding a sound I liked and not being concerned with the mechanics of how it's produced. If you're looking for a warmer sound with more low end, try placing the Spendors on the floor and prop up the front with a wood block or a book. See if that gets you closer to your sonic goal. If it does, check out the Mapleshade stands. Good luck. BTW, I was using a BADA 225 hybrid with a pair of Harbeths (similar to Spendors) with very good results. Available from Pacific Valve with 30 days money back. Nice amp. $1200, 95 wpc - smooth, powerful sound with excellent inner detail for an amp at this price.