SS Int Amps, $1500-5k choices ??

any thoughts ?? possible choices are Naim,Bryston,Mac 6500...size cant be too big...anybody hear these or others, thanks
I heard the new Transistor Research Labs GT-225 (brought to you from the guys at Tube Research Labs and Record Research Lab) a few times. It has 3 pairs of inputs and a separate 45 stepped attenuator for each channel and sells for $5500.

Is it any good? I dropped my order for a pair of Tube Research SET 75's and have placed myself on their waiting list 3 weeks ago, having given them my down payment.

It's a little over your $5000 budget, but not by much.

(Isn't that the life of an audiophile?)
There has been high enthusiasm for the Portal Panache at its sub-$2K price point. The Lavardin integrateds look interesting, depending on how much power you need. The new Rowland Concerto is probably excellent, but may be over budget. Ayre perhaps. Sim Audio. YBA. Lots of possibilities.
Sim Audio I-5 is a good choice. Plenty of power. Built like a tank. Closer to tube sound than most solid state integrateds. Lots of rave reviews. Suggest you look for a used I-5, since they're reliable. But buy from a seller with good feedback.
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Ayre AX-7 evolution
Sim Audio new I-7 (shipping soon)
Lavardin IS Reference
YBA Passion

Already add a Bryston and it did not compare to these above.
Utopia -

Do you have an expected launch date for the Moon I-7?
used levinson integrated......
47 Labs, if your speakers are efficient...great prices on Agon.
Bryston was uneven. Plinius powerful, very smooth but not good for rock ( a bit slow to my ears). Cairn 4810 quick and sweet. Naim quick but a tad grey sounding. Vecteur I6.2 lovely and powerful. Look at Audia Flight One too.
It seems a hot ticket is the Edge G3 integrated. Be sure to check review in the TAS Feb/Mar issue. Another is the BAT hybrid integrated. $4-5,000 buys you a whole lot more than $1500-2000.
I was very happy with my SimAudio i-5 until I got the new BVaudio A300SE. BVaudio has much clearer and faster sound with great dynamics and speaker control than my previous i5. This is the best integrated I had so far, comparing with i5, MusicalFidelity A300 and ML #383, all of them fall short.