SS amp for biamping under $1k.

looking for a solid state amp with gain controls to handle the low frequency duties.$1000 dollars or under.150 to 200 watts per side. thanks in advance.
Ouch! The gain controls are the problem. Very few high end amps have them. As Yoda says, "There is another". May I suggest an Adcom 555 or 555MKII or 565 mono blocks with a pair of EVS attenuators plugged into the back of the amps. The 555/555MKII goes for $300-450, the 565s for $600-750 and the EVS stuff for ~$200. Good luck
I had an older Parasound HCA-1000 wich had gain controls on the back for each channel. They were about 110-120W/Channel if memory serves me right. Not sure if the larger models of the Parasound line have gain controls or not....
Sorry .... Yes the Parasounds do have gain controls. Check out and download any of the user manuals and you will see them on the drawings of the back of the amp. :-)