Spkr Cble- Analysis Oval 9- reviews?

Hi. Looking for a speaker cable recommendation. System is Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated amp; Sim Audio Eclipse CD Player; Totem Mani-2 speakers; Cardas Golden Cross interconnects. What do you think of the Analysis Plus Oval 9 with this setup?? Thanks. Sutts
Carl there is reason to be dubious about sudden conversion to AP Ovals, when last year Harmonic Tech was the greatest for these online reviewers. Although Stereophile and Absolute Sound have also endorsed HT cables giving these reviewers some added credibility. Stuart has good system, although Clement Perry has even better $50,000+ system which he says certain speaker manf. claim is best they have heard, hmmmmm. I can understand where Ovals may not sound good to all people, their relaxed nature means they may not be dynamic enough for some people, depends on each persons idea of "good" sound......Regards Sam
Yes, but it is also murky, closed in, and distorted. Frankly, I only care about what I hear, and wouldn't care if every manufacturer literally publicly kissed the butt of whoever designs AP cables. They still don't measure up to even the cheapest Monster Cables. "Smoothness" doesn't count in my book, if you have to omit all resolution, and substitute veiled distortion. The AP stuff is just yet another bandwagon line, in my opinion. 6 months from now, "Infinite Contimuum" wires will be all the rage, and you'll all wonder how you could have ever bought Analysis Plus!
I know I'm off this tread, but has anyone listened to the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 Veracity. I have yet to hear these but they will be going between an Ayre V3 and Maggie 1.6's bi-wired? Just thought I would ask. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
I hate to admit it ... Carl was right. The Oval 9s are not as clean as Harmonic Tech but have their own positives such as 3D soundstaging and tone (IMHO). But, good news, the Silver Ovals are in a whole different class not exhibiting the negatives heard in the Oval 9. I also substituted the new Nirvana SX interconnect for my Harmonic ProSilway MKII (between SACD player and EVS attenuator). This cable reveals the distortion in the HT interconnect. It extremely revealing with better soundstaging - big upgrade (price is $1295 vs $399 for HT).
What do you mean, you hate to admit it? I have nothing personal against you, so why should you against me?