Analysis Plus Oval 9 or DH Labs T-14?

I am looking for a nice speaker cable upgrade at a reasonable price. I have heard great things about the Analysis Plus Oval 9. Any opinions?

Currently I would characterize my system as being on the lean side. When playing Diana Krall I have no complaints. But on very dynamic material, my system can get strained and sometimes tizzy. I would favor a rounder, warmer sound without sacrificing too much detail if possible. I currently have a system comprised of the following:

Sim Audio Moon I-5 integrated amp
Musical Fidelity Electra E60 CD player
Sonus Faber Concertino speakers
NHT SW3P subwoofer
Cardas Golden Cross interconnect [CD to amp]
DH Labs Silver Pulse interconnect [amp to sub]
DH Labs Silversonic T-14 speaker cable

I am in the process of purchasing a Sony SCD-777ES. Hopefully, that will negate the possiblity of my source being the problem. I have also thought of replacing the Sim Audio with Blue Circle BC21 preamp and BC22 amp. But I really like the Moon I-5 and before taking that step I'd like to see if speaker cables can do the trick.

This "problem" was much worse until I switched in the Cardas Golden Cross in place of the DH Labs BL-1 I was initially using. The Golden Cross is affordable as an interconnect but becomes a very expensive upgrade as a speaker cable.

Any ideas?
I am not familiar with MF E60 CDP but if it has a digital out the biggest single improvement you can make is upgrading
DAC with Bel Canto DAC 1.1, this does more to remove digital
hardness/leaness than anything else you will do. Slow roll-off filtering is the key, while giving increased detail at the same time. This will make bigger improvement than Sony 777ES on regular CD playback.

By all means replace DH Labs with Analysis Plus, superior in all respects and much fuller more natural sound. Cardas GC is top shelf but is very expensive for what you get. Also keep the Sim Moon I-5 for now and concentrate on your DAC, that is by far your weakest link currently.
gunbei,i have tried analysis plus oval 9 on all sort's of different combination's of gear,both solid state and tube's,the oval 9 is without no doubt a reference caliber cable,one of my favorite cable's was the cardas golden cross and the purist audio proteus both costing thousand's to do a whole system,the analysis plus cost hundred's and the music is just as enjoyable.give it an audition you'll be impress. good luck.
Thank you both for youe excellent suggestions.

Megasam, The MF E60 was the predecessor to the E624. It retailed for about $500 new. That should give you an idea of what I've got. I was about a hair from buying the Bel Canto DAC 1.1. At the last minute I decided to start with the SCD-777ES. I can get it at a Sony Employee discount price.

I will definitely order a set of Analysis Plus Oval 9s. The Bel Canto is something I may add later to the digital outs of the 777ESs CD stage.

Thanks for the advice.
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