Spendor S100 Art Dudley review in 'Listener'

Does anyone have a source for this review in (the now defunct) 'Listener' magazine?
Do you know what issue it was? I have a bunch in my garage I could check.
I don't have a copy any longer, but when the S 100 first came out, Martin Colloms did a good review in Hi Fi News.
Hi Breeceboy, thanks for your offer to seek this out: I gather back issues of Listener have never made it onto the internet.
I am afraid I cannot direct you to a particular issue: there were S100 reviews published elsewhere from May 1989 (Martin Colloms). The S100 became the SP100 around 1994, I believe.
I have the impression the review may be 1992 or 1993 (at the latest), since Art Dudley talks about having used the S100 as his reference 'for 8 years' in a review he wrote in 2003, by which time he had clearly moved into low output valve amps. & alternative speaker types in his own system.
Sorry to be so vague: I am very grateful for your help with this.
Hi Stephen. I will look through my Listener collection this evening. I just wanted to comment that the S100 is the finest speaker I have personally heard. I have owned several Thiels, magnepans, Sonus Cremona M's, Monitor Audios, and nothing provides the over satisfaction I get with my S100's. The real shocker was I bought them used two years ago for $1400! I use ARC Ref gear and upper level Nordost cabling, and they are never outclassed. They also sound great with smaller integrated amps. Frankly I wish I had discovered them many years ago. Would have saved me a lot of money! They are easy to drive, fairly efficient, detailed, and provide satisfaction on any type of music. I love 'em. I will the current importer would market the new models at a reasonable price... I would like a pair of the SA1's, but not at a much higher price than the rest of the world pays! With the current exchange rate, $2200 makes no sense.
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Thanks to all for the help & suggestions.
I now have a copy of the original.
(Listener Vol.3 No.1 Winter 1997).

It transpires that it is not a formal review, but a personal appreciation of the SP100...(but none the worse for that).