Speed problem with Pioneer PL 630

Hi all,

The speed on my PL630 does not stay stable whether I have the quartz lock on or not.  It usually slows way down after just a few minutes and will not stay steady after I manually adjust it.  It's a cool old turntable and I'd like, with my very limited skills, to repair it myself. Any ideas in this respect would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
Dear  @irish_tim : That's very good TT with pretty decent tonearm and magnesium headshell. I owned for several years and now is playing in my brother's home audio system.

Here you can get the service manual:


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Can you lubricate the platter bearing?
EDIT Checked the manual. Apparently the bearing is "oil less".
Good luck fixing it. These old direct drive tables are complex.
EDIT2 I read through the service manual. It’s very helpful and thorough. Study it and you should be able to fix this (assuming parts if needed are available).
Check to ensure all 3 hall elements are in place. Check for leaky capacitors.