Spectral DMA 400 Mono Blocks?

Can anyone confirm Goodwin's report that Spectral Audio showed a prototype of a new DMA 400 power amp at the 2012 CES.

Goodwin's go on to say that 400 mono blocks to be released in summer of 2012.
I saw that too and was surprised that there was no mention anywhere else in show coverage. I'd imagine they are something pretty damn special.

So if any of you guys plan to sell off your 360 series 2 to upgrade, please get in touch with me. I'm interested in a set or a DMA 260. I'm not sure how you can on this new site, they are taking away every sense of community we had.
Hi Richard,

I will contact you if I decide to "upgrade"; yes the new site is horrible. Post your WBF moniker again to PM you... Also, don't hold your breath about the anticipated late summer delivery of the DMA-400...
Ack I'm surprised we got that past the watchers. Dialogue about the "upgraded" Agon is strictly prohibited (as to foster continued denial?).

1rsw at the Spectral forum. I agree about the summer delivery comment, we may not see them 2012.

I don't know why I obsess about upgrading, my 360 series 1 sound amazing. It's taken a lot of trial and error with power products and cables but I have them sounding close to my system goals which border on unreasonable.
Thanks, I am also looking to upgrade, from a dma 180. Haven't decided whether to go with dma 260 or the 360 series 2. Ack I have read your evaluations on Spectral forum and appreciate your feedback regarding the dma 360's s2.

After learning of the possible release of dma 400's, part of me wants to hold back and see how things shake out at Spectral
@Sprintgtv: glad to help any which way I can...
@Richard: we will start a thread on the DMA-400 on WBF at some point. Expect this thread to disappear, if our comments are so deleterious; but frustrations are running high...
I agree, the new site is horrible - all the listings are in random order, can't tell preamps from amps, pictures are small, lotta things worse, I see nothign improved.
What does "WBF" stand for?
We host the [only?] Spectral forum on whatsbestforum.com
I've not heard anymore about this, has anyone else? After having the 260 for a bit, and now living with the 360S2 it's damn exciting to think of what these amplifiers will sound like. If anyone has any info about them please post....
Please mail me if one is about to sell the 360 or 260 amps to germany.
I may put my 2010 360 S2's up for sale, but they won't be cheap. Send PM
Looking to buy a pair of DMA 360's and a matching pre
I'd consider selling my 360S2's but like Ack they won't be cheap. More likely to take a package with my cables (Oracle Matrix SHD120 + MA-X).