Advice on Spectral amps and preams wanted


Can anyone advice me on Spectral amps and preamps?
I am interested in a DMA-150 S2 or DMA-180 S2. What is the sonic difference between both?
What is the best preamp to drive them? I am considering a DMC-15 or DMC-30S or maybe a DMC-20 S2.
What about the cables to use with these amps. Did anyone compare?
Thanks a lot for helping me building my system!


I don't know enough about the different models, but MIT cabling is the best with Spectral as they design using this brand and I think they highly recommend the owners use them.
Spectral also recommends matching the preamp to a Spectral amp. They also go so far as to say one must drive the Spectral power amp with a Spectral preamp. These recommendations are due to the wideband circuitry employed in the amps. It is for this reason that they partnered with MIT in designing cables for the Spectral systems. Hence the recommendation. If you purchase through a Spectral dealer you may be able to get a deal on the cable. I am pursiung a Spectral system at this time as well. Here is some additional info with regard to cabling.
The only Spectral amp that can be used without a Spectral preamp is the 150 Studio Universal which is no longer manufactured. They are coming out with a new model the 160 Studio Universal but I'm not sure if it's available yet. I own the 150 Studio Universal and use it with a Spectral preamp but it is not necessary to use MIT cables between the preamp and the 150S. You still must use MIT speaker cables with all Spectral amps.
Spectral products are outstanding, and there does seem to be a synergy between the amp and preamp. I have the DMA 50 (purchased for less than $1000) and the DMC 15. Between the DMC 15 and 20, go with the 15 if it's in the budget. DMC 15 was smoother, and at the same time more informative, than the 20, which is a fine preamp when considered on it's own. Never compared to the 30, since the DMC15 new was less than a used 30. I've heard others say they're even, the advantage of the 30 being remote control which is absent on the 15. I'm driving thiel 1.6 with the DMA 50, and it's reputed to be a warm amp, and it does sound great with the thiels. Since I've had the spectral amp/preamp, I've never thought about upgrading, I'm happy where I am. Before, I was always looking to upgrade my amps. There's another spectral that's supposed to be warm like the DMA 50, I want to say the 180, but don't quote me on that one! It's great equipment, and from time to time, there are some fantastic used deals on Audiogon.