Spectral 30SL + Krell amps & voltage change help

Any info appriciated.

Anyone tried a Spectral 30-SL with Krell FPB 750 MCX mono amps and is it possible to change voltage on the 30-SL to 240V by Spectral themselves since the pre is so sought after and rare 2nd hand in the UK....so thinking of buying a 110V unit.

Thanks in advance.
Hi There

The answer is a resounding no, I'm afraid! Just call the UK importer and see the response you get. It's all very emotive, partly (read mostly) because of dealer territories. This is also an area you will need to be careful about as I have had conflicting information from Spectral myself. To me, if some high end makers can simply put a switch on their power supply, how can it be so hard... Unfortunately Spectral is not one of those. You'll also find that the importer will tell you that one can't even use a European specification machine. Well, you do the maths, but a 230v system that accepts +/- 10 volts would seem fine enough to me. However not to them, or numerous others in the industry, Give the UK importer a call, give Spectral a call too. One other caution, a nice chap at Spectral once told me I could use step down transformers, then another chap at Spectral told me absolutely not. Go figure. (In truth, I'm skeptical about transformers anyway, but you do wonder about the information).

I'm thinking of selling my 30S as there is a 30SS on here at the moment. It's Italian, but that works for me, might for you also.

Hi I have tried the DMC30SL with the 750MCX and it matches wonderful together. The only thing is that the mids is slightly thinner than with a tube amp on the spectral but the bass is much better, even better than with the Krell preamps