ARC, Spectral, Cello for Avalon Eidolon?

I currently use an ARC Ref 1 preamp with detachable power cord and a Cello Duet 350 amp to run my Avalon Eidolon.

I am trying to plan auditioning of different products. However, since my budget may not match that of a 'normal' Eidolon owner, I am also seeking opinions on the different models of ARC, Spectral, Cello, etc. amps that may match well with the Eidolon. Your opinions may help a bunch in the event that, due to a limited budget, I am unable to engage in extensive listening prior to a purchase.

I listen mostly to small jazz combos and some orchestral works.

If any of you have auditioned the Eidolon with Spectral (DMA 150, 180, 360; Series I, II; etc.), ARC (Reference 300, 600; Mk I, II, III; etc.) or other amps (perhaps Cello Performance II) then please let me know the details of your opinions on the relative merits and demerits of the different amps.

Thanks in advance.
You might want to consider Jadis and Gryphon Antileon Signature. They are known to be one of the best match for Avalon. Jeff Rowland is a good choice if you like their sound.
I've listened to the Eidolons with Rowland and BAT, but not directly with the other amplifiers you mention. In my system, the Eidolons perform exceedingly well with Atma-Sphere MA-2 MKII amplifiers. The combination has superb soundstaging, is very dynamic, and reproduces instruments with a palpability that is often missing from many solid-state systems I've heard. Bass detail is excellent - deep, controlled, and very agile. Good luck in your search!
Consider Bryston 7BST mono blks. Read Stereophile equipment ratings. I use them for Artemis Eos Signatures w/large bass modules and they work quite well. Very inexpensive.
Where the hell is cornfedboy????
I'm curious about how a pair of BEL amps would sound with the Eidolons. Has anyone listened to this combination?