Speakers Women Like

Another discussion asked whether there were any women audiophiles, like males who knit, they exist, but are hard to find. I am interested in "stereo" types (i.e. types of people who like stereo music), but not judgements and I love hearing about what other listeners get out of music.

So my question for the women listeners and readers here is, what speakers do you like, maybe what headphones and what make you scratch your head and go "you’ve got to be kidding me? "  Do you think it's about hearing, or culture? Are you all about the big double bass in a Jazz quartet, or the Chinese erhu? What makes you feel at home with audiophiles, what makes you feel your by yourself?

Any other information about how you got there, like whether you play music, or like a certain genre. Please, we’re all ears.

You can have the cabinet made by Lee Taylor. The only thing after that is the crossover, and that can be purchased fully assembled from Madisound.  If you can install a speaker in a car, this would be a piece of cake.


Our reactions to speakers are certainly personal and physiological. Most men lose the ability to hear high frequencies as they age. Women are more likely to lose the ability to hear low frequencies. I would also note that most women that I know have mentioned the way speakers look before responding to audio quality. As a result, I would suggest that my friend's efficient Klipshorns would not, for example, be high on his wife's list of speaker favorites, huge with roll-offs on the high end. My guess is that she would prefer speaker with a furniture profile and detailed high frequency response.

This thread reminds me of a joke:

A shipwrecked fellow was sitting on the beach scanning the vicinity for any sign of ships. He notices something tumbling around in the shorebreak. When he retrieved it he saw that it was a battered old oil lamp. He thought "I know that it is a fairy tale but what have I got to lose in trying". So he gives it a thorough polish. The Genie appears from within the lamp and says "I will grant you one wish". The shipwrecked fellow says "That's great. I know exactly what I want. I need you to build a bridge from this island, all the way back to California". The Genie said "You have given me an extremely difficult request. Perhaps you might have another different request I can help you with?" The stranded fellow said " You know what? I've always wanted to be able to understand exactly what is going on in the minds of women"

The Genie folded his hands, bowed and said " Will Sir be requiring a four or a six lane bridge?"
Great post, theophile! But all jokes aside, it's pretty simple.  Each woman (like each man) looks for different things in speakers. Boils down to individual taste.  I know women and men who are satisfied listening to their music on their phones. Some listen through earbuds, others through the device's tiny speakers (ugh!). I only listen to music on my Kindle (portable) when I have NO other choice. My Bose earbuds aren't awful but after listening through the HE-6, the Bose are unsatisfying. My HE-6 is attached to a WyWire Red XLR cable. If anybody on this thread knows how the WyWire Platinum speaker cable effects speaker sound quality I'm interested. 
mcanaday94 posts06-25-2016 8:01amI love the British sound-- Harbeth, KEF, Epos, etc.


Those are just some of the British sounds I can get googoo over, not excluding amplifiers and anything else made over there :)

My girl thoroughly enjoys listening with me. Having similar music interests of course cant hurt. When two have music in common and share similar fondness's for the many different aspects of music its one of the best things to strengthen a bond. 

I almost made a stereo type, thinking "gloss white" lol my bad. as far as aesthetics go that often gets a pass ;)