Speakers Upgrade Recommendation

My existing setup:
Yamaha RXV1 (main HT amp)
Rotel RB 1090 (Front main power amp 380 wpc)
Yamaha CD Player
Pioner DVD player
Paradigm monitor 9 (front main)
Paradigm CC 350 (center)
Paradigm mini monitor (front effect 7.1)
Definitive Tech BP2x (surround bipolar)
velodyne VA-1210 power sub.
room size 12ft X 18ft
50% music and 50% HT
I amp happy with the HT setup but 2 channel music is not very good. should I upgrade the front main speaker to get better 2 channel music and does this change will mest up my HT set up if I don't replace the center and effect speakers. I only have 2k for upgrade. any recomendation
I would suggest replacing your front mains with the Paradigm Studio 100s.
Used Studio 100s and a better CD player or dac (MSBs is a good, affordable choice) and a dedicated 2ch preamp would be my suggestions, at least if you must stick with Paradigms. I suggest auditioning everything you can get your ears around to find what sounds best to you.
Sell your whole system on the gon ,take the cash ,add it to your $2000,You can not get great 2 channel out of a ht rig but you can get great ht out of a 2 channel rig .think about it ,good luck with your search