Speakers to match PrimaLuna Prologue 2

I heard the Proac Tablette Ref Sig monitors with my PrimaLuna Prologue 2 and they sounded good to me. My question is are there other monitors or small floor standing speakers that I should consider? My room is a basement studio with a low ceiling-81"- it's a long studio-30'- the listening area is 10' wide and the length is adjustable.
There are some Vienna Acoustics Haydn for a good price at the moment.

I'm shopping for a CD player- I have a Rega P3 turntable. I am a musician and listen to all kinds of music. Orchestral is important to me and I'm concerned with how the mini-monitors handle that.

Thanks for any advice.
ProAc 1SC is the way to go.

Ditto to Tiger's comment. I own the the PP2 and have paired it with my Focus Audio FS-688 a speaker that, IMO, is in a similar vein to the 1SC. When picking up the FA's my only other real desired choice was the 1SC. I think either one would sound fantastic.

The 1SC is that much better than the Tablette? There's a pair for sale now but a little banged up...
Very happy with my triangle cometes. They work very well and don't take a lot of power. Nice bass for monitors.
Enjoying Reference 3a De Capo i's . Roll your input tubes for a warmer sound with better bass and body without loosing the great highs .

Good luck .
Yes I was just going to say that I am also considering the DeCapo's......