Speakers to match bottlehead paramour


I am looking for a suggestion for speakers to go with the bottlehead paramour/foreplay combo. It is suggested to run 96db or above speakers.

My situation is such. I have 1000usd, but prefer to spend as little as possible. The room is around 20m2 (or 180ft2). This means the speakers need to be no bigger than 18inches tall (plus i am carrying them back to europe with me, so..). No floorstanding speakers or horns or anything like that. I primarily listen to rock (kraut/prog, drone, lofi indie, art, outrock), jazz (free, expressionistic, fusion, electronic), electronic (ambient, abstract, drone, avant gard, minimalistic), hiphop (leftfield, indie)... I would also like to use them while watching movies and the simpsons.

I only found two models fitting this.. Omega ts33 or klipsch RB-35. The rb-35 seams to have been discontinued this last month.

Well, you're not asking for a lot, are you?

Small size AND high efficiency. Oh, and as a kicker, must do bass heavy rock, techno, and hiphop well. That's a tall order for a small speaker.

Omega Loudspeakers has their TS33 which almost exactly meets you criterion. Nice looking, but don't know how they'll do for home theater.

Type : Ported Front Firing Dual Single Drivers stand/shelf mount
Frequency response : 56-20KHz
Sensitivity : 96dB at 4 ohm
Switchable 4/16 ohm impedance
Power requirement : as little as 1.5 watts
Driver :Twin Full range 4” paper cone Fostex with rubber impregnated surround, alloy chassis and fully shielded
Cross-over : None
Terminals : Standard multiway gold plated binding posts. Twin Sets and jumpers
Cabinet : heavily braced softwood MDF and adhered with polyurethane glues.
Wood finishes : Cherry, Maple, Sapele, and Walnut with solid hardwood corners
Laminates : Black and Red Parisian Maple gloss Pearl, Blue Artic Pearl Gloss
Warranty 10 year parts and labor for workmanship and defects
Dimensions : 18” H x 8.5”W x 13”D
Weight : 30 pounds each
Price : TS33 : $849 per pair

You can run a sub with these speakers cuz you won't be happy at a low of 56hz. I have a sub hooked up w/my paramours and sometimes I use it and most times I don't.
True Thommas,

But I can't think of any sub-$1k(that's the limitation) high efficiency monitors that can really do 40Hz.

Hell, my 97dB Cain & Cain I-Bens are 6 feet tall and I still use two subwoofers.
Well, my main thing was just looking for other brands or possiblities. I do listen to some bass heavy music true, some techno and hiphop with a bit of 808. But truthfully it is mostly laid back music. I very rarely listen to hard, thumping type music through speakers because I live in an apartment. I generally listen to that stuff with headphones or in the car, because there I can use the volume it requires to "truely rock". I have a solid state reference amp in my studio with event 20/20 monitors if i want to bang it, and that is rarely. I heard a pair of amphion helium2 which are smaller than a 8.5'' x 11'' piece of paper at 86db and 50hz with an opera m100plus and the bass was plenty for my situation. Perhaps some day Ill add a subwoofer be space nor budget permit at this time.

I am open to slightly bigger options if there are none for what I am looking for.