Speakers - Theater Room Dilemma

I would appreciate feedback on whether there is an issue if I mix speaker brands in my 7.2 theater room.  My original plan was to go with Tekton Pendragon theater room speakers.  They are extremely large.  Unfortunately, the Subwoofers are so large that I can't place it in the back of my room.  My plan was to have two subwoofers in the center of the room; one in the front and one in the rear.  Consequently, I would have to go with a different brand subwoofer and they would probably be built in the wall.  So, I am thinking about having the Tekton Pendragon towers and the Pendragon center for the front of my theater room and going with Paradigm, Dali or Focal surround in wall speakers and subwoofers.  I will be watching sports and movies in the theater room and also two channel stereo music.  To me the most important speakers are the front three.  I could go with Tekton surrounds but they are big also and I would have to build them into the wall.  Thoughts? 


I don’t see a problem using different subwoofers as long as they have adequate output for the high sensitivity of the Tektons. For the best overall sound, all speakers for the 7 channels should be timbre matched. For the absolute best sound, all 7 speakers should be identical.



mixing different subs.....hmmmm.... Conceptually, it should be okay as posted earlier BUT....practically...from my own experiences .... A different story.

I have a Vandersteen and a Castle (a rebranded top-shelf build quality made-in-UK by ATC ..(ATC makes some of the very very top-end subs in their stable) that I hooked up in my 7.2 system. Each was a top-end performer in its own right.

In short... Not so hot, well, .... crummy actually . Each has its own sonic signature and performance characteristics, and when paired together they were anything but complimentary  and seamless together 

I kept the VANDY and moved out the Castle to my B system.... 
The result: MUCH better with just the one. I may add another matched VANDY at a later date.

Sorry akg_ca, guess my response wasn’t clear enough. Totally agree that when using 2 subs, they should be identical, however in response to the OP question, they can be a different brand than that of the other speakers. His post implies he would be using 2 identical subs, but a different brand than that of the other speakers.

You are both right.  The one question related to whether different subs from the Tekton speakers would be ok.  I then took it further and was wondering if it was a concern if I had different surrounds from the front three.  If I could add one more question it would be can I get away with only one Texton 18" sub in the front middle of the room?  The room will be 17'W x 22'L x 10-12' H.  The only way I can put the 2 mammoth Texton subs would be on each side of the center speaker.