Speakers for newbie

Hi everybody,
my 1st post but i spent lots of time reading the forums.

I've got Marantz SR6006 receiver and thinking about purchasing B&W P6 series. Ill be listening 50-70% to music and 30-40% movies.

Please let me guys know what do you think, any help greatly appreciated. Sadly my budget is only $1000

thats a good budget-i would rec looking at Tekton Designs speakers. They have lots of good options in your budget
How big is your listening room and will you be using the speakers with a subwoofer?
I'd buy some classic jbls. They are easy to sell, to drive and will give you a lot of bang for the buck. Other upgrades will show well. You can always sell them quickly, at least in my opinion. I bought some 4343's for a wedding and sold them the following week for the same price. Just don't pay too much for them. Usually some old freak has had the cones redone and is selling them at a loss.
Good luck