Speakers For Fisher 500C

I'm picking up an oldie but goodie -- a Fisher 500C receiver, circa 1966.

I'm thinking this 37 wpc sweetie will not be up to the task of driving my Martin-Logan Sequel IIs, although I'm going to try. Maybe biamp and use the Fisher on top?

If I set up the Fisher as a second system, what speakers should I consider? I know an easy load, but sonically what would be a nice pairing with the 500C?
Contact the guy that had the JBL Paragon a few weeks ago.
Thanks. You probably could get decent sound from those $50,000 speakers, but I was hoping to spend a bit less.
I wouldn't think of anything other than vintage ARs, KLHs & maybe Advents
Find some JBL Century 100's. You'll be in heaven!!
Quad ESL-57s and Dalquist DQ-10s sound great with it. Klipsch Cornwalls and Legends. And let me second the JBL Century L100s.
Thanks very much for all the advice! I'm beginning the enjoyable journey of finding the right speakers, starting with your suggestions.