Speaker wire for Martin Logan reQuests?

I am a new to the world of HiFi, so bare with me. I just bought some used Martin Logan reQuests and a used Krell 300i amp. I need to run about 20' of wire to one of the speakers through my crawl space. What kind of speaker wire should I buy? Also, should I biwire? Thanks in advance.
This is going to be a bright sounding combination. I would look for a high quality copper wire which will not be as bright as silver. Perhaps the Analysis Plus Oval 9 which is very accurate and musical. They show up used on this site.

I would go with Cardas Quadlink 5c. As far as biwiring, I feel it is always better if you do it correctly. Another cable on a little lower budget would be Kimber 8TC. Happy shopping!
Hello Delphi:

I hate to further steer you away to other things, but being a former reQuest owner (now own the Odyssey's) you might want to try to find the InnerSound ESL amp to borrow for an auditon. It has an absolute magical "synergy" with the reQuests. I think if you could get your hands (and ears) on one, you probably would be putting your Krell up for sale.

Also have to "2nd" Celtic's recommendation on the Analysis Plus Oval 9 -- excellent & musical with the reQuests.

Best of luck!
I'll try to stay bellow the speaker price:
You can try AudioQuest Midnight or if you can spend Cardas Newtral Reference.
The cheepest and very competitive way to aquire your needs is to go to www.vandenhul.com and order CV122h wire runs any length you need and stay bellow $150 for a pair. You can ask for termination or do it yourself or just use bare wires.