Speaker Stands: to spike or not to spike..

Speaker stands. There are a few permutations for setup here. First: to spike or not to spike hard wood foor?
Second:to spike or not to spike (area) rug/carpet? The carptet is dense and well padded. What's an audiophile to do?
Assuming you don't want spike holes in your hardwood floor,
use spike dishes (or whatever they are called) or coins.
That's what I use.

Seems to be a few threads here on this general topic. I, too, am interested in experiences of others. I have a pair of PSB Stratus Goldi (floorstanders). I can tell you that I have a very common carpet and padding over a joist and plywood floor. As typical in California, there is no basement beneath but, rather, a crawl space. When I first brought the speakers home, I was anxious to give a quick listen and hooked em right up without spikes. They sounded good, but a wee disappointing with a "muddy" bass. Plus, I could feel the flooring vibrate beneath my feet, 20 feet away from the speakers. I installed the spikes and the improvement was striking. No floor vibration and a much tighter and accurate bass response. The addition of the spikes was CLEARLY benefical, so I know elevating them off the flooring is a must. Now I am experimenting to find the best height for the spikes and wonder whether adding cones, or the like, would provide even more benefit. good luck
You should get special cone-shape disks from Michell that you can place under spikes.
Check out the website: www.audiopoints.com, it's full of valuable information. Next you could call 877-668-4332 (I think, the number is on the website) and speak to Robert (very nice guy, full of information).
A good audiopoint on carpet works great. I also use audiopoints that sit on a coupling disk on my hard wood floor. The more important question is will the sound system sound better in the carpeted room, or the room with a hardwood floor. Do you have an option? I have been using audiopoints, and some of their other products very successfully for many years. Good luck!