Speaker Cables for Revel Salons

Recently acquired a pair of Salons. AWESOME!!! I now need to upgrade my speaker cables. Any suggestions?

I am using the following electronics:

EAD PowerMaster 2000 Amp
Integra Research RDC-7 Pre-amp Processor
EAD TheaterVision P DVD / CD Player

I am also looking upgrade my interconnects. I need balanced interconnects from the Processor to the Amp and both digital (coax) and single ended from the DVD/CD Player to the Processor. Suggestions?

C. Berry
Your system is about resolution. The Nordost Valhalla is a wonderful match for the entire Revel line.

Good Luck!
I believe the internal wires in the Revel speakers are Kimber cable so you might want to match that and use Kimber stuff. I am sure the Valhalla is really nice but it might cost almost as much as the speakers.
I have a pair of the Salons. I first used Transparent Ultra xl. However I just moved up to Transparent Reference XL. I love them. I have Reference w/xl tech interconnects.

Good luck

I second the motion for valhalla, I know quite a few with Valhalla / salons, and they are loving it!